Sixth International Protégé Workshop
Monday 7th - Wednesday 9th July 2003
Manchester, England


29-07-03: The links below have been updated to take you to the presentation slides in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files. You can download this program here, if needed. For those talks for which I have yet to receive the presentation file, you will still be browsed to their abstract.
Workshop Schedule
 Monday 7th
 Tuesday 8th
 Wednesday 9th
8:30 - 10:30 :
Chair: Alan Rector

8:30 - 10:30:
Chair: Neill Jones

8:30 - 10:30:
Ontology Tools
Chair: Jim Hendler

Achieving Interoperability between Protégé-2000 and WebODE - Oscar Corcho - UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), SPAIN

Protégé and the Kasimir Decision-Support System - Sébastien Brachais - LORIA, FRANCE



The Protégé Project & Protégé-2000: Past, Present and Future - Mark Musen & Ray Fergerson - Stanford University, USA

Using Protégé to Bridge the Terminology/ Information Model Boundary - Harold R. Solbrig & Christopher G. Chute - Mayo Clinic, USA

Managing Multiple Ontologies in Protégé - Natasha F. Noy - Stanford University, USA
:30 On the Correspondence between Protégé and Conceptual Frameworks for Understanding Terminological Systems - Ameen Abu-Hanna - University of Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS Experiences in Reusing Knowledge Sources Using Protégé and Prompt. An Application in a Medical Domain - Maria Taboada - University of Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN
:00 Editing Semantic Web (OWL) Ontologies with Protégé - Holger Knublauch - Stanford University, USA

Interoperability Issues in Protégé-2000 - Ernesto Compatangelo - University of Aberdeen, UK

The PSM Librarian: Configuring Problem-Solving Applications in Protégé - Monica Crubézy - Stanford University, USA
11:00 - 12:30:
Visualization & User Studies
Chair: Natasha F. Noy
11:00 - 12:30:
Rule-based Systems
Chair: Monica
11:00 - 12:30:
Description Logics
Chair: Margaret-Anne Storey
:00 Protégé-based Knowledge Services in the AKT Project - Harith Alani - University of Southampton, UK

JessTab: Using Jess together with Protégé - Henrik Eriksson - Linköping University, SWEDEN

Why I want a Hybrid Environment: The case for combining Frames and Description Logics - Alan Rector - University of Manchester, UK


Visualization Requirements for Knowledge-Based Systems - Margaret-Anne Storey, Neil Ernst & Polly M. Allen- University of Victoria, CANADA

Embedding CLIPS Engine in Protégé - Rizwan Ameer - Infosys Technologies Limited, INDIA

A Methodology to Migrate the Gene Ontology to a Description Logic Environment using DAML+OIL - Chris Wroe - University of Manchester, UK


Protege as Professor: Development of an Intelligent Tutoring System with Protégé-2000 - Olga Medvedeva - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA

OWL and the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Ontology - Jim Hendler - University of Maryland, USA




1:30 - 3:30:
Ontologies I
Chair: Holger Knublauch
20 Minute Talks

1:30 - 3:30:
Ontologies II
Chair: John Gennari
20 Minute Talks

1:30 - 3:30:
Applications II
Chair: Peter Szolovits

Connecting Mathematics - Mike Pearson - University of Cambridge, UK

GAS Ontology: An Ontology for Collaboration among Ubiquitous Computing Devices - Eleni Christopoulou & Achilles Kameas - Computer Technology Institute, Patras, GREECE

A Protein Ontology for Large-scale Textmining - Kai Kumpf - Fraunhofer SCAI, GERMANY

Dynamic Models - A case study in Developing Curriculum Regulation and Conformity using Protege - Mike Hobbs - Anglia Polytechnic University, UK
(click here to view related paper)

Protege In Modeling Management Systems - Andreas Gehrmann & Syouhei Ishizu - Aoyama Gakuin University, JAPAN

Representing Approximate Concepts Using Metaclass Frames in Protégé - Hong-Gee Kim & Kyung-Mo Park - Dankook University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Druginfokb "Protégé meets Description logics via ODBC" - Neill Jones - SCHIN, UK
:00 Workbench and Wizard: Making Protege Usable as a Workbench for Encoding Clinical Guidelines - Samson Tu, Stanford University, USA

Building A knowledge Base of IEEE/EAI 12207 and CMMI with Ontology - Fong-hao Liu & Shu-Hsien Lin - National Defense University, TAIWAN

The Study on Ontology Intergtaing and Applying the Ontologies of IEEE/EIA 12207 ,CMMI,Workflow and J2EE to Web Service Development Environment - Fong-hao Liu & Hsiang-fu Lo - National Defense University, TAIWAN

Use of Protégé in SABiO, a Brazilian Information Retrieval System for indexing Electronic Information Science Documents - Cláudio Gottschalg Duque - ECI/UFMG - BRAZIL

Flexible Sets of Distinctions for Multiple Paradigms - a Means of Constructing Ontologies - Yongsheng Gao - SHIRE, UK

A Storyboard Interface to Business Processes using Protege - Chris de Vaney & Ben Warsop - Alcatorda Ltd., SWEDEN

Organization Analysis with Protégé: Towards “Living” Theorizing - Vladimir Diatlov - University of Southampton, UK

Assuring Safety and Quality in Clinical Practice Guidelines Authored Using Protégé - Michael Power - SCHIN, UK

Future Directions & Open Issues - Ray Fergerson - Stanford University, USA

:30  BREAK 



4:00 - 6:00:
Chair: Henrik Eriksson
4:00 - 6:00:
Applications I
Chair: Christopher Chute

Some Protégé Extensions for Scientific Data Management - Joe Edelman - Dartmouth College, USA

Multilingual Vocal Access to Databases: the Central Role of Ontology Management in VocaBase - Christophe Dupriez & Mélanie Roland - DB Scape, BELGIUM
(Click here for the compressed audio file played during this talk)


YAX PIP: Yet Another Xml Plug-In for Protégé - John Gennari - University of Washington, USA

Experiences with Using Protégé in a Knowledge Management Application - Alvaro Arenas - CCLRC RAL, UK


Executing Processes by a Knowledgebase - Reiner Borchert - University of Münster, GERMANY



:30  Relational Support for Protégé - Raimundo Lozano - Corporació Sanitària Clínic, SPAIN


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