Do you have questions about Protégé? We're here to help! We offer both community-based and paid support through a variety of sources.

Mailing Lists

Get free support for all of your Protégé questions via our mailing lists. The lists are actively monitored by Stanford's Protégé team, as well as many experienced Protégé users from the community at large.

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Protégé User Support

User support for all versions of WebProtégé and Protégé Desktop.

Protégé Developer Support

Developer support for all versions of WebProtégé and Protégé Desktop.

Protégé Announcements

Low traffic, announcement-only list for new releases, availability of short courses, and information regarding Protégé Conferences.


Learn about the Protégé toolset and developing ontologies using our product documentation.

Look here first!

»Protégé Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Protégé Project.

»WebProtégé Overview

Get an overview of WebProtégé features and the latest project activity.

»WebProtégé User's Guide

A short user's guide with screencasts and screenshots describing the main user interface elements in WebProtégé.

»Protégé Desktop

Top-level entry point for all documentation pertaining to the latest version of Protégé Desktop, including an overview of editor features, links to tutorials etc.

»Ontology Development 101

A guide to creating your first ontology.

»Protégé OWL Tutorial

A substantial guide to the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and ontology engineering.

»WebProtégé on GitHub

Official home of the WebProtégé code base and issue tracker.

»Protégé Desktop on GitHub

Official home of the Protégé Desktop code base and issue tracker.

»Protégé Desktop Javadoc


More Support Options

Get assistance from the very same people that make Protégé

Attend a Short Course

»Protégé Short Course

A 3-day intensive training in ontology development, hands-on use of the Protégé toolset, and the Web Ontology Language (OWL).

Become a Protégé Affiliate

(fee: $15,000/year)
  • 40 hours of consulting
  • Prioritization of generic features necessary to affiliate projects
  • Opportunity to collaborate and to publish with us
  • Recognition on the Protégé social media channels

Ask for Consultation

(fee: $500/staff person/hour)
  • Ontology and knowledge base design and/or evaluation
  • Plug-in design and/or development
  • Using Protégé in applications
  • Visualization and comprehension techniques for large knowledge-bases