Course Preparation

The Protege Short Course is a hands-on course. The purpose of this page is to give detailed instructions for installing the required software components that will be used during the course.

We highly recommend that you install the required software on your laptops before the start of the course in order to avoid holding up sessions for software installation issues.

Please note that we do not provide laptops for participants.

Recommended material: We encourage participants to consult the following introductory materials before the course:

Required Software

The only required software for the hands-on part is Protege. The detailed, step-by-step installation instructions for different platforms are available here. If you are using the latest macOS 10.12 (Sierra), please note the additional one-time step needed to run Protege.

We will use Protege 5.2.0 for the course. Please make sure that you have this version installed on your laptops prior to the course.

You may download and install Protege from the main Protege website.

During the course, we will install additional Protege plugins. We will also use WebProtege, which requires a Web browser, preferably Firefox or Chrome.

We also encourage the participants to download Protege prior to the course, and open and browse a couple of ontologies to get familiar with the user interface.

Questions or Problems with the installation?

If you have any questions or problems installing Protege prior to the course, please contact the organizers at:

We can also assist you in person with installation problems during breakfast, break and lunch on the first day, before the hands-on sessions start (see the schedule here). However, we strongly encourage you to try to install Protege prior to coming to the course.