Protege 4.1.0

Package org.protege.editor.core.ui.wizard

Class Summary
AbstractWizardPanel Author: Matthew Horridge
The University Of Manchester
Medical Informatics Group
Date: 12-May-2006

Wizard This class implements a basic wizard dialog, where the programmer can insert one or more Components to act as panels.
WizardController This class is responsible for reacting to events generated by pushing any of the three buttons, 'Next', 'Previous', and 'Cancel.' Based on what button is pressed, the controller will update the model to show a new panel and reset the state of the buttons as necessary.
WizardModel The model for the Wizard component, which tracks the text, icons, and enabled state of each of the buttons, as well as the current panel that is displayed.
WizardPanel A base descriptor class used to reference a Component panel for the Wizard, as well as provide general rules as to how the panel should behave.

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