Protege 3.4.8

Package edu.stanford.smi.protege.util

Interface Summary
Disposable An interface for the dispose method that is available on components.
DoubleClickListener Callback interface for double-clicks
ErrorHandler<E extends Throwable> Basic interface for Protege error handlers.
EventDispatcher Interface for a generic dispatcher of events.
NumberValidator Interface to convert a string to a number.
Selectable A generic interface for things that are selectable.
SelectionListener Listener interface for the generic Selectable interface.
StringMatcher An interface that can be used to query whether a particular value is a match for another string.
Traverser Traverse from one object to the next
UnaryFunction<X,Y> An interface that encapsulates a unary (takes one argument) function.
UnaryPredicate An interface that encapsulates a unary (takes one argument) predicate (function that returns a boolean).
Validatable An interface that allows the implementer to veto a change or to record whatever is necessary when a save succeeds.
Validator An interface that encapsulates the logic that decides if a particular object is "valid" in some context.

Class Summary
AbstractEvent Base class for all events.
AbstractFormatter TODO Class Comment
AbstractSelectableComponent Base class implementation for the Selectable interface.
AbstractValidatableComponent Base class to match up the Validatable interface to a swing JComponent
AddAction Base class support for the "Add" action available on most widgets.
AllowableAction Base class for actions that supports two features: (1) listening to a Selectableand only enabling if a selection is made, and (2) being disablable manually.
ApplicationProperties Utility class for accessing system properties and properties from the application properties file.
ArrayListMultiMap<X,Y> Multimap implementation where the value collection is a set.
Assert A utility class for checking assertions.
BrowserLauncher BrowserLauncher is a class that provides one static method, openURL, which opens the default web browser for the current user of the system to the given URL.
CacheMap<X,Y> Deprecated. use the transaction cache utilities.
CollectionUtilities Description of the class
ComponentFactory Factory class for making swing components, and their variants.
ComponentUtilities Utility methods for dealing with various swing components.
ConcurrentListModel This class is a trivial extension of the SimpleListModel.
ConsoleFormatter TODO Class Comment
CreateAction Base class for the create operation that is available on most widgets.
DefaultErrorHandler<X extends Throwable> Default implementation of the ErrorHandler interface.
DefaultLogger Default Logger implementation.
DefaultRenderer Default implementation of the various renderer interfaces.
DeleteAction Base class for the delete action that is available on most widgets.
DisposableComponent An adapter that matches the Disposable interface up to a JComponent.
DocumentChangedListener An adapter that changes the document events that come from swing text widgets into simple "change" events.
DoubleClickActionAdapter An adapter that causes the raw "mouse clicked" event to fire an action if the real event is actually a double click.
DoubleClickAdapter An adapter that causes the raw "mouse clicked" event to fire a double click event.
ExclusiveRunnable This class is a Runnable that only allows one thread to be executing at a time.
ExtensionFilter A file filter the works on a particular extension.
FileField A text field that accepts a file name.
FileFormatter TODO Class Comment
FileList A list box that is specialized to work with file names.
FileUtilities A utility class for working with files.
FloatValidator Utility class to check a string to see if it is a valid floating point number
Frames1_8_BackwardsCompatibilityProjectFixups Fix backwards compatibility problems in the .pprj files.
GetInstancesAndBrowserTextJob Protege Job for getting the instances and their browser text from the server.
GetOwnSlotValuesBrowserTextJob Protege Job for getting the own slot values of a frame slot pair and the browser text of the values from the server.
HashList Deprecated. Use ArrayList instead.
InstanceUtilities Utilities for handling project knowledge base instances.
IntegerField Text field for acquiring and displaying an integer.
IntegerValidator Utility class to check a string to see if it is a valid integer.
LabeledComponent The component that handles the standard layout of slot widgets.
LazyTreeModel TreeModel for holding LazyTreeRoots and LazyTreeNodes.
LazyTreeNode A tree node that doesn't check its children until it is asked for them.
LazyTreeRoot The Root node for a lazy tree.
LegacyLoggerImpl TODO Class Comment
ListDragSourceListener A drag source listener for a list box.
ListenerCollection Base class for collections of listeners.
ListenerList Maintains a list of listeners to a particular source.
ListenerMap Maintains a collection of listeners for each of a set of sources (that is, each source has its own set of listeners).
ListMultiMap<X,Y> Deprecated. - use ArrayListMultiMap instead
ListSelectionListenerAdapter An adapter that allows a generic SelectionListener to be notified when list selection events occur.
ListTarget A standard implementation of the drag target interface for dragging items around in a list box.
Log A utility class that prints trace messages of various sorts to a log.
MessageError Class used for reporting errors at project load time.
MessagePanel Displays a possibly multiline message.
ModalDialog A class to handle all modal dialog processing.
ModalDialogCloseDoubleClickAdapter An adapter that causes the raw "mouse clicked" event to fire a double click event.
MultiMap<X,Y> Abstract implementation of a "multimap" (a map from a key to a collection of values).
PathSplitter Description of the class
PopupMenuMouseListener An adapter that listeners for popup menu mouse events and pops up a menu.
ProjectChooser This is a really horrible hack of a class.
PropertyList A property list used by widgets.
ProtegeJob This class defines a unit of work to be executed in the context of a knowledge base.
RemoveAction An action to remove an item.
ResizingLayout Layout manager that simply scales the existing components by default.
RowTableModel TODO Class Comment
SelectableContainer A swing container component that contains a Selectable component.
SelectableList A JList that implements the Selectable interface.
SelectableTable A JTable that implements the Selectable interface.
SelectableTree A JTree component that implements the Selectable interface.
SelectionEvent An event fired by a Selectable object.
SelectionEventDispatcher Dispatcher for Selectable selection events.
SetMultiMap<X,Y> Multimap implementation where the value collection is a set.
SimpleListModel A list model where elements are stored in a List.
SimpleStringMatcher A string matcher implementation.
StandardAction TODO Class Comment
StandardDateFormat The formatter defines the standard way that dates/times are "stringified" for storage in Protege.
StringUtilities Some utilities for working with Strings.
SwitchableActionListener An action listener which can be temporarily switched off.
SwitchableItemListener An item listener that can be temporarily switched off.
SwitchableListener A listener that can be temporarily switched off.
SwitchableListSelectionListener An adapter that converts a selection listener into a list selection listener.
SwitchableSelectionListener A base class that adds the ability to switch on and off a listener to the Selection listener interface.
SymbolValidator A validator that tests whether a string is a valid Protege symbol type.
SystemUtilities A set of utilities for accessing the underlying system and for manipulating system level objects.
TablePopupMenuMouseListener A "right mouse" listener for JTables.
TransferableCollection Transferable object for a collection of Frames.
Tree<X> A utility class that maintains a tree.
TreeDragSourceListener Base class for a drag and drop source side listener on a JTree.
TreePopupMenuMouseListener A "right mouse" popup listener for a JTree.
TreeSelectionListenerAdapter An adapter that listens for tree selection events and fires generic Selectable events.
TreeTarget Standard drop target side drag and drop support for a tree control.
URIField A text field that accepts a URI.
URIList A list box that is specialized to work with file names.
ValidatableTabComponent A component that contains a JTabbedPane and that implements the Validatable interface.
ViewAction An action for the standard view button that appears on many slot widgets.
WaitCursor A wait cursor that can to enabled and disabled on command.
Wizard TODO Class Comment
WizardPage A Page used with the Wizard framework.

Enum Summary

Protege 3.4.8

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