Protege 3.4.8

Package edu.stanford.smi.protege.model

Interface Summary
Cls A frame which has one or more superclasses, may have subclasses, and which exhibits inheritance behavior (such as inheritance of slots).
Facet A description of a constraint on the value of a frame-slot binding.
FacetConstraint Programmatic implementation of the constraint expressed by a specific facet.
Frame A container for slot and facet values.
Instance An instance of a class.
KnowledgeBase A container for frames.
KnowledgeBaseFactory A factory for creating a KnowledgeBase implementation.
Localizable TODO Class Comment
Model System Class, Slot and Facet names and ids
Model.Cls system class names
Model.ClsID System class frame ids, one for each name.
Model.Facet system facet names
Model.FacetID system facet frame ids.
Model.Slot System slot names
Model.SlotID FrameID's for system slots
Reference A reference to a frame, slot, facet binding.
SimpleInstance A "Simple Instance" is an instance which is not a class, a slot, or a facet.
Slot A top level slot object.
Storage Low-level holder of frames.

Class Summary
AbstractFacetConstraint Base class for implementions of FacetConstraint.
DefaultCls Default implementation of Cls interface.
DefaultFacet Default implementation of Facet interface.
DefaultFrame Default implementation of Frame interface.
DefaultInstance Default implementation of Instance interface.
DefaultKnowledgeBase Default implementation of the KnowledgeBase interface.
DefaultSimpleInstance This is the concrete subclass of DefaultInstance which handles everything but classes, slots, and facets.
DefaultSlot Default implementation of Slot interface.
FrameSlotCombination A holder for a frame-slot pair.
KnowledgeBaseSourcesEditor Base class that provides convenience and template methods for backend developers to extend.
MaximumCardinalityConstraint Constraint on the maximum number of values that a slot may have.
MinimumCardinalityConstraint A constraint on the minimum number of values that a slot may contain.
ModelUtilities Convenience utilities for dealing with the Knowledge Base.
NumericMaximumConstraint Constraint on the maximum value of a slot.
NumericMinimumConstraint Constraint on the minimum value of a slot.
Project The aggregation of a domain knowledge base with its user interface.
PropertyMapUtil Utilities for working with the PropertyMap
RoleConstraint Value which determines whether a class can have direct instances.
Transaction<X> Encapsulation of method for executing a tranaction.
ValueType An enumeration class for the types of slots.
ValueTypeConstraint Constraint that checks a set of values to determine if they are of the right type for a slot.
WidgetDescriptor Essentially a serialization of a widget.

Exception Summary
DeletedFrameException Exception thrown when the client calls a method on default knowledge base (directly or indirectly) and passes in a parameter which is or contains a frame that has been deleted.
MissingFrameException Exception thrown when a frame is passed in as a parameter to a Knowledge base method and that frame is not a member of the knowledge base.
NullFrameException An exception thrown when an api user passes in a null when an api method was expecting a frame.

Protege 3.4.8

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