Protégé 2.0 Release Notes

Release date: February 4, 2004
Download URL:
Important: Database back-end users should carefully read our section on database upgrades.


Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Database Upgrades:

The database back-end has been rewritten for Protégé 2.0. The schema has also changed. Protégé 2.0 provides read-only access to a Protégé 1.9 database. You will need to up update to Protégé 2.0 before you can modify your database. We suggest that you update your database by creating a new project and database table, following the instructions given below. This process will create an entirely new database project and table and will leave your current one unchanged.

The system will then create a new table and copy your database project from the old table into the new one. This may take a long while if you have a large database project. (Converting 180K frames took a hour on my machine). In the console window the system will print out the total number of frames to be copied and show its current progress.

When the conversion is complete Protégé will load the new project. Your original database project should be unchanged and will still work as before (under Protégé 1.9).

To re-enable editing on the new 2.0 project go to the Project | Configure | Options panel and check the "editing enabled" button.


As an aid to upgrading from previous releases, Protégé can now read CLIPS (the default file format) projects in any available file encoding on your system. You may need to use this if you are both using non-Latin character sets, and upgrading from release 1.8 or earlier. When they are written out, they will be in the more portable UTF-8 format that Protégé now uses by default. You must however tell the system what encoding the project file is currently in, since the system cannot figure out this information by itself. This functionality is accessed by the deliberately obscure Help | Encodings menu item. Select the "read encoding override" for your system from the list of available encodings, load your project, and then save it back out. This process will update your project to UTF-8. If you need help trying to figure out what encoding your machine uses, Sun's Web site has a list of supported encodings. Please do a backup before you try this and also please verify that your project has been read correctly before you do the save!


This release incorporates changes to the way that projects are referenced in Protégé. All projects are now referenced by relative or absolute "URI". (A URI is a standard generalization of a URL. You can read more about this on the W3's Web site). This change has the following effects for Protégé users:

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