Application Development Tutorial at the 9th Intl. Protégé Conference

Presenter: Timothy Redmond
Time: Sunday, July 23rd, 2006, 9:00AM-12:30PM PST
Location: James H. Clark Center (room number T.B.A.), Stanford University

Tutorial Description

This tutorial will address the issue of developing plug-ins and applications with Protégé. It will start with a description of the Protégé Plug-in Framework and describe how the plug-in framework can be used to add capabilities to the Protégé system. We will cover all of the existing plug-in types. We will describe what is necessary to develop each type of plug-in and how each plug-in type extends the Protégé application. We will follow-up the discussion of Protégé plug-ins with a discussion of an alternative paradigm of development in Protégé: the development of standalone Protégé applications. We will see that in many cases, there is a natural evolution from the development of Protégé plug-ins to the development of standalone Protégé applications. We will describe the architectural design issues in application development and analyze some real deployed applications that have been built with Protégé. The target audience includes both Java programmers and non-programmers.

Tutorial Preparation

If you would like to follow the hands-on portion of the tutorial, please complete the following steps prior to arrival:

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