Sixth International Protégé Workshop
Monday 7th - Wednesday 9th July 2003
Manchester, England

Workshop Attendee Information

Sunday Welcome Dinner: The optional pay-your-own-way welcome dinner is scheduled to commence at 7:00 pm Sunday evening, at the Shere Khan restaurant, 52 Wilmslow, Rusholme. This restaurant is a straightforward walk of about 35-45 minutes from the Ibis Hotel Manchester. Walk down Charles Street to Oxford Road and turn left. After 10-15 minutes on Oxford you will reach the University. Continue on Oxford until you walk through the entire University grounds. At the other end of the University grounds, Oxford Road turns into Wilmslow. The name of this part of town is Rusholme. The restaurant is on this street. For more information about this restaurant, please visit their web site at
Monday Registration & Fee Payment:

Registration is on Monday morning at 8:30 at the Lecture Theatre Room 1.1 (LT1.1) on the "Lower First Floor" of the University of Manchester Computer Science Kilburn Building (see below for detailed instructions for locating this room). Please arrive as close to this time (or earlier) as possible. We have a lot of folks to get registered in a short time.

You will be able to pay for the Workshop (40 GBP) and the Tuesday Workshop dinner (30 GBP) by credit card, cash, or check (GBP only) at registration. Credit card payment is preferred. If you are going to pay by credit card, then please print out the payment form after browsing to:

Microsoft Word '97-2002 version:
PDF version

and fill it out before you get to registration. This will help speed registration along.

There will be complimentary Protégé tee-shirts and coffee cups distributed at registration. Come early to get your desired size tee-shirt.

Finding Lecture Theatre Room 1.1 (LT1.1):

The registration and workshop will be held at Lecture Theatre Room 1.1 (LT1.1) on the "Lower First Floor" of the University of Manchester Computer Science Kilburn Building. This building is situated on Oxford Road. A map of the location of the building is:
If you walk to the Sunday welcome dinner (see above) you will walk right by this building. It is about a 15 minute walk from the Ibis Hotel Manchester.

Now the computer science building is relatively easy to find. Finding your way inside is much more difficult than you would think though! (As a hint, if you stand on Oxford Road and look at the building, any path or door that looks like it might go in is almost certainly not the correct one. The only paths and doors that are worth considering are those which are obviously wrong.)

Someone from the Stanford group will lead a procession over to the workshop starting from the corner outside the Ibis Hotel Manchester (corner of Princess & Charles) at 8:00 am on Monday. Please feel free to join us, whether or not you are staying at this Ibis hotel.

If you choose not to join the procession I suggest you print out the photograph at
that shows how to get into the building. More extensive documentation, including the above photo, about how to get to and into the building is at:
The Kilburn building (where you are going) is not actually in this photo but is just off to the right. Although the photo may not seem terribly clear now, when you are standing on Oxford road looking at the Kilburn building and its surroundings and holding up a printout of the photo, it will be a relatively straightforward matter to interpret the photo.

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