RDF Schema Support in Protégé-2000

For version 1.5 of Protégé-2000, we have re-implemented our RDF (Schema) support in order to make it more stable and to make it easier to implement other RDFS-based backends such as OIL and DAML. Furthermore, several features were added, such as Here you will find a comparison of the RDF(S) and Protégé-2000 models.

Importing, creating, and saving RDF(S) files

Renaming the (default) namespaces of included projects

This feature can be used to transform an existing (Standard Text File/CLIPS) project into an RDF(S) one where frames from included projects reside in different namespaces (you can also achieve the reverse effect, i.e. forcing all (or some) projects to share a namespace or have the same namespace as the main project). Here is how it works:
  1. Transform the project into an RDF(S) one where all projects (main and included ones) have the same default namespace. You need to do this "bottom up", i.e., for the included projects first, and finally for the main one. Make sure you save all files with new file names (or in a new directory), or the main file does not load any more (since it will already try to load the new included projects)!
  2. Load the new main project and click Project | Save as .... If you have included projects that were loaded with the RDF(S) backend, you will see an Advanced ... button. Change some or all of the namespaces and save (the console window will show a remark if namespaces of included projects are renamed). Close the project.
  3. For each of the included projects for which you have renamed the default namespace, load and change the namespace (via Project | Save as ...).
  4. You can now load the main project.


A simple example is in the Protege-2000/examples/rdf directory.

Known bugs and problems