Tutorial: Getting Started with Protege-Frames
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Setting the display slot
For each class in your ontology, you can specify one of its slots to be a display slot. Protege will display the value of this slot any time it displays instances of the class. If you do not set a display slot, Protege will display the underlying system generated name for your instances such as "tutorial_Instance_0". It is usually very helpful to set a display slot for all classes that will have instances. In fact, you may choose to set the display slots for your classes before you even start creating instances.

To set the display slot for the Editor class:
  1. Select the Instances Tab.

  2. Select Editor in the Class Hierarchy pane.

  3. Click the Instance Menu icon (arrowhead that points downward) at the top right of the Instance Browser.

  4. Select Set Display Slot from the menu.

  5. Select name from the Display Slot menu.

  6. The display of the list of instances in the Instance Browser changes to reflect the display slot you have chosen. Instances of the Editor class are now listed by the value of the name slot. (Instances are always displayed by alphabetical or numerical order). From now on, you will be able to browse instances of Editor by name in the Instances Tab, and everywhere else in the Protege User Interface where lists of instances are displayed.