Tutorial: Getting Started with Protege-Frames
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Creating a query
Suppose you are interested in locating all employees who have a salary greater than $75,000 dollars a year. To create the query:
  1. Click on the Queries tab.

  2. Click the Select Cls button above the Class text box in the Query pane.

  3. Select Employee from the Select Classes dialog box, then click OK.

    Employee is now displayed in the Class text box.

  4. Click the Select Slot button above the Slot text box.

  5. Select salary from the Select Slot dialog box and click OK.

    The menu to the right of the Slot text box is now active, and the text box at the far right of the window reminds you that the value type of the slot you have selected is a float.

  6. Select "is greater than" from the drop down menu. Next, enter "75000" in the Float text box.